Major projects, delivered on time.

Client: Atlantic LNG
Project Title/Type: LNG Trains I-IV
Date: 2004-present

Natural gas liquefaction plant

Shipping of bulky, oversized cargo valued at more than US$4.8 million.

Client: Bouygues Batiment
Project Title/Type: Waterfront construction
Date: 2006-2008

Major construction project on the POS waterfront

This project lasted 18 months and involved close coordination for timely delivery of construction equipment and material.

Client: Bravelion Industries Limited

Importation of materials for large housing project

This time-sensitive project involved importation of dozens of containers of structural materials for a government housing project. ISL planned and executed the shipping, customs clearance, transportation and logistics. This was a highly complex and technical task due to demands for specific container arrival scheduling and empty container returns. ISL also acted as Bravelion’s consultant on customs procedures, saving them a significant amount in taxes.

Client: GL Events
Project Title/Type: Major sporting event
Date: Jan-May 2007

2007 Cricket World Cup

Transportation of all cargo into and out of the Caribbean

Client: Worley Parsons / British Gas (BG)
Project Title/Type: Baraka Tie-In and Compression Project
Date: 2011 - 2012

Full door-to-door service, based on a bid won by Worley Parsons

This BG project included pick-up, shipping, insurance, logistics and customs clearance of materials and equipment from locations in the UK and USA to BG’s site in Moruga, Trinidad.